Hi Lodge Social Club members, Kailen here. To begin, we share the same passion when it comes to wanting a successful experience for amazing singles to find authentic love, both on and off line! To say we've been working hard to make that happen is an understatement and we're having fun making it so! As you may know, Matchmaking has been big recent news all over the media as people are reaching to join movements like our Lodge Social Club where members are truly vetted and hearts are genuinely matched. Take a look at the WSJ article below. The world is jumping on board our vetted and exclusive processes which is so exciting! Even more exciting, the Real REVEAL® is more popular than ever. Our passion to bring love to the world is in high gear.

As we continue to partner with some of the world's best, we are improving our APP even more to be the exclusive choice for extraordinary, like minded singles to find authentic love. Based upon your recent and fun demands for more matchmaking, vetting and social connection, we are listening and we are making it happen. From behind the scenes I can tell you that there is a rush of excitement to Join the LODGE to find your perfect Mate!

Upcoming, will be more Socials with exciting new partners offering private events for you. Know that memberships will be limited.

If you are not already a member of the LODGE, Join now while pre application for membership is FREE. All Existing members will automatically be invited to join the new dating app. During this time while our initial dating APP is down you will receive exclusive invitations to our private social club events.

We can’t wait to see you madly in love!
With love,
Kailen Rosenberg

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